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The Treatment of Headaches in Ayurveda

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Management of Headaches in Ayurveda. Headaches are referred to as Shirashoola in Ayurveda. The causes are on account of various reasons including local- intracranial (within cranium or head) and systemic- extracranial(outside cranium /head).

Ayurveda believes that one of the important extracrainal causes of headache is disturbances in digestion andmetabolism especially in the case of migraine. The gut-brain axis is also significant in some headaches.

In Ayurveda headaches are classified as under:

1. Vataj- neurological causes and stress induced, characterized by impulses of pain with short

duration eg high Blood Pressure.

2. Pittaj- infection, inflammatory causes like meningitis, encephalitis, injury etc characterized by

intense throbbing pain of moderate duration. Infection in ear, sinuses etc

3. Kaphaj- odematous & SOL (space occupying lesion) leading to mild pain with long duration &

heaviness. Like Sinuses blockade, nasal block etc.

4. Sannipataj- Mix of all above characteristics.

In Ayurveda Management varies patient to patient and finalized after thorough examination

including personality assessment, detailed history, habitats, nature & place of stay etc.

Still some of procedure are like:

  1. Deep breathing exercises, Yoga & Meditation particularly in Vataj- headache, Tension headache.

  2. Nasya - Nasal instillation of Medicated oil, ghee, etc.

  3. Shirodhara - streamline pouring of oil, decoction, milk, buttermilk etc on head area.

  4. Powder Sniff (Shodhan Nasya) this is quite strong and usually done in kaphaj- headache.

  5. Shiroabhyang- Head massage by medicated oils.

  6. Shirovasti- keeping oil etc in a hat (like chefs hat) on head for a particular duration.

  7. Foot Massage- with oils

  8. Marma point stimulation.

  9. Greeva vasti- medicated oil on the neck to check Cervical spondylitis

  10. Internal Medicine- to correct digestion, to reduce pain, to calm stress levels, to reduceinflammation.

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