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On Headaches

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Any pain, discomfort, congestion, heaviness, throbbing, squeezing, or any annoying sensation-symptoms experienced by a person is usually expressed as a Headache. Location, sensation, intensity, spontaneous or constant or intermittent, factors that increase or decrease the headache are highly variable and individual dependent. This is where the beauty and scope of the Homoeopathy system of medicine can be appreciated and extend its healing hand to the affected person.

Headaches are of different types with a variety of causative factors:

1. Primary – tension, migraine with or without aura, cluster H, from exertion, cough, Hypnic headache, etc.

2. Secondary – post-injury, underlying disease(s), eyes errors/strain, dental pain, sinusitis, infections of the brain;

nose; ear, substance abuse/withdrawal, alcohol, drugs side the effect, dehydration, etc.

3. Cranial neuralgias, facial pain, others – trigeminal neuralgia, cervical spondylitis, over computer/mobile use,

wrong posture, etc.

Therapeutic examples:

Headache if breakfast is delayed (Rx Calc.).

Headache in the morning at same hour of the day (Rx Kali bi.).

Headache in children when they wake up (Rx Kali br.).

Headache when waking up with disagreeable dream (Rx Murx.).

Headache at night after going to bed increases so much that a person need to get out of bed

(Rx Thuja).

Headache after alcoholic drinks (Rx Agar., Lach., Nux v., Ran B., others).

Headache in anemic persons (Rx Chin., Ferr p., Ph ac., others).

Headache from brain disease (Rx Nat m., others).

Headache from the blow, injury to the head (Rx Arn., Cal s., Nat m., Nat s., others).

Headache from loss of sleep, working late hours (Rx Carb v., Cocc., Laur., Nux v., others).

Headache when the person is taking care or nursing a sick person or family member (Rx Arg m.,

Kali c.).

Headache from getting heated like heat stroke, out in summer heat, working around heatproducing

machines (Rx Ant c., Bell., Carb v., Glon., Lyco., Others).

Apart from using homeopathic medicines for care-n-cure of my patients I also use Sujok science, dream analysis, herbal-nutrition approach to correct nutrient deficiencies, emotional intelligence counseling to better handle stress; ordeals of life; reactions, a recommendation of physical exercises and muscle strengthening along with postural correction, Vipassana meditation, and para-sympathetic breathing exercises.

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