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The devastating pandemic caused by Covid 19, has resulted in a dramatic upheaval of all that mankind held dear, and took for granted. That which we held dear and took for granted, included the licence to roam, socialise and otherwise interact. Other things which we held dear, included fine clothing , a fancy car or the friendship of a neighbour. Now, much of this has changed. Now it is health which we took for granted, that deserves the utmost respect. It is human warmth and love for each other, and mental wellness that has now assumed a tremendous importance as never before, for who knows when we lose the opportunity to give or receive, or become otherwise vulnerable. This has also come to be a time when with the advent of new systems, opportunities, inventions and outlooks, and when some of the old ones have come under assault, especially in aggressive less managed or governed or self disciplined societies. It is therefore a time to stay alert, empowered by knowledge, which in turn affords good health, and which in its own turn, allows for our functioning optimally at this very challenging time in human history. Spashram’s Health & Wellness Virtual Services are one such innovation brought forth by virtue of the times. We are confident that these will provide knowledge, help and relief, along with optimism even while being grounded in realism. We have been fortunate to have been able to bring together and receive the support of a distinguished panel from across the world along with an India based panel of experts. Besides eminent persons from the medical fraternity, experts such as Kalpana Yuvarraaj, who teaches Ancient Indian Wisdom, and other yoga experts have also extended us their support in order to facilitate our audience.

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