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Weight Management Patient Understanding and Treatment Design:

Understanding the cause of weight gain (obesity) at macro and micro-level is the most crucial for a

personalised treatment plan.

1. Physical inactivity: Instructions for simple fat burning workouts, body posture corrections, strength

training, etc.

2. Overeating: Understanding bio-medical reasons, emotional dependencies, wrong timing, hidden

depression/stress compensation, re-tuning feedback mechanism to CNS, etc.

3. Genetics: Hormonal study and creating the right balanced harmony to help healing and weight


4. Nutrient Proportions in diet: Balanced healthy meal planning - Low in simple carbohydrates, being

Vegetarian, more protein, fresh juices, sprouts, salads, fibers, sources for different minerals, and vitamins.

5. Frequency of eating: Lifestyle and work-life balance based to keep the client healthy.

6. Medications or Medical History: Medications associated with weight gain (antidepressants,

anticonvulsants, some diabetes medicines; hormones pills; high blood pressure medications, antihistamines,

etc.). Find a way out so that no harm is done.

Based on the above analysis and other protocols for addressing weight issues, treatment is done

using following safe therapeutic systems of medicine or healing, in combination

with holistic health restoration

Homeopathy medicines,

Constitutional trinity treatment (mind-body-spirit),

Sujok and Naturopathy-Reflexology healing technique

Treating medical issues (acidity, indigestion, constipation, bloating, GERD, IBS, hypo TH,

DMT2, Insulin resistance, PCOD, anxiety, stress, anemia, OCD, depression, others),

Emotional and mental health counselling,

Dream study,

Meditation and Yoga,

Para-Sympathetic breathing exercises,

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